Monday, June 1, 2015

Are gel nails bad for you?

Gel nails are great because they last around 2 - 4 weeks long with minimal maintenance. However, are gel nails good for you? Here are some tips about gel nails:

1. When gel nails start chipping do not try to rip it off yourself

Since gel nails are more stronger than nail polish, when you rip it off by biting or by scrapping it you will end up ruining your nails. This definitely needs to be avoided. If you want to remove your gel nails, go see your manicurists or nail technician to have them clean off the old gel nails.

2. Too much is not good for you

To remove gel nails, acetone is used. This can irritate the skin around the nail. In addition, UV light is used to cure the gel nails. So too much too often is definitely not good for your skin.

Doing gel manicures 3 to 4 times a year is probably okay. But, you should probably realize that it can irritate your skin and weaken your nails. So avoid try to remove the gel nails yourself and visit a dermatologist if you see any type of skin irritation.

Take a look at my beautiful nails that I had done a couple of weeks ago:

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