Monday, April 6, 2015

Dark color nail polish looks great on short nails

I have had serious nail biting issues all my life. I tried so many things to stop biting but nothing really lasted. I tried drinking more water, exercising more, tarot cards and various anti nail biting solutions. Only 1 anti nail biting solution actually was effective. But the best thing to do to avoid biting your nails, at least for me, was to keep them polished. I guess having nail polish on my nails makes me think I am all dolled up. And you don't bite your nails when you're all dolled up. Like seriously.

But obviously if I bite my nails, my nails are often short. I have always found that dark colors look great with short nails. The main reason is because dark colors will hide imperfections and unevenness. But you do have to be careful when chipping your nail polish. It will show a lot more than a light color nail polish.

Here's an example of a dark nail polish that I like wearing sometimes:

This nail polish is Devil's Advocate by Essie with a top coat/nail strengthener also by Essie.

So remember with short nails go dark.

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